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Our company offers a vast array of home inspection services, which includes essential electrical inspections. Whether you are buying a new home, making major renovations to your house, or it has been a few years since your last home inspection, checking your electrical system is a must. A trained electrical inspector will be able to check all the wires, fuse boxes, outlets, and appliances in your home and warn you of any safety hazards.

Sadly, over 50% of house fires every year are caused by faulty wiring and mistakes made when installing the electrical system. Considering the serious implications that a faulty electrical system can have, electrical inspections can put your mind at ease and help you fix any dangerous issues in your home. Our experienced team has a fool-proof electrical checklist that ensures our reliable electrical inspectors can do their job properly. Our Chandler home inspection service for electrical systems is an extensive process that is usually separated into a few steps:

The Rough-in Inspection

This initial electrical evaluation is not for everyone, but people building new homes or replacing their electrical system from scratch should definitely opt for the rough-in inspection. After your contractor has installed all the wiring and electrical boxes, our knowledgeable electrical inspector can come in and check out the system. The rough-in inspection happens before the walls have been closed up so that the inspector can thoroughly check that the electrical system is up to par with the safety standards applicable.


When you have applied all the finishing touches to your home, such as completing construction and installing your appliances, our electrical inspector comes in for a second assessment. We will check everything from cables and wires to surge protection. Our trained home inspector will start by evaluating your circuits, taking into account if there are enough circuits for your house.

This includes dedicated circuits for certain appliances, such as the garbage disposer, microwave oven, and dishwasher. Additionally, there are regulations in place for installing ground fault circuit interrupters in places where water can infiltrate the system. We will check the kitchen, the basement, the garage, and the exterior outlets. The electrical inspector will take a look at all of your GFCI and AFCI circuit protections, making sure they are in order.

Electrical Boxes

Your electrical box should be fastened to your wall, which is the first thing checked in this step. Afterward, we will check that the box is wide enough for all the wire conductors needed in your house. When we open up the electric box, we will take a close look at how your cables are clamped and the gauge of your wires. There are specific requirements that our trained inspector knows very well. Therefore, they will be able to offer you advice if something is not right. Other than that, our checklist includes breaker size, signs of corrosion, and any indication of overheating for a thorough analysis.


Last but not least, our electrical inspections include a check-up on all appliances in your home, from the microwave to the TV and sound system. Our electrical inspector will make sure everything is working as it should, and there is no fire hazard when firing up multiple appliances at once. As you can see, we pay close attention to every part of your electrical system. Our biggest goal is to make sure your home is safe for living. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to book our home inspection service if you want peace of mind! 

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