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Before buying a house, hiring a professional home inspector to perform a thorough analysis of the property is essential. Even if you pay attention to all the little details when getting a house tour by the seller, we promise that there’s more to home inspections than what meets the eye. We are experienced professionals who have been conducting home inspections in Chandler and the surrounding areas for years now. We learned the most common issues that sellers hide from buyers, and we know how to spot problems that could lead to colossal payments in repairs.

We provide a complete analysis of the home, and this includes exterior inspections. We are very thorough and take our time when inspecting a home. We promise to deliver a comprehensive report that will inform you of everything there is to know about the house. You can use this information to negotiate the price, prevent future damages, and have peace of mind that the place you are buying will be great for your family. Nonetheless, here are some of the main things that we look out for when performing exterior inspections:


As you can imagine, having a great foundation is important for a house. The foundation is built from different materials, and we will verify to see if there are any damages or flaws with it. For example, wood foundations can lead to major issues if left unchecked for a long while. The lumber material is not built to last for a lifetime, and it needs to be replaced every couple of years. Even if the foundation is made from concrete, you still need a professional exterior inspector’s advice if it needs to be reinforced or not.

Exterior Walls

The exterior inspector will conduct a thorough analysis of the exterior walls. This begins with checking for damaged or missing sidings, and it ends with verifying if the soil is inviting to wood-destroying insects. Even if the exterior walls don’t present any cosmetic issues at first glance, the home inspector will ensure that they aren’t just covered with a coat of fresh paint and hide serious damage.

Windows and Doors

How much attention are you paying to windows and doors when checking new homes? This might come as a surprise, but the windows and doors are really important to the house’s structure. They need to be properly evaluated to determine if there are any security issues. Our exterior inspections service will verify if the windows and doors are installed correctly or miss any weather-proofing systems. You don’t want to have rain pouring in, and we can help you prevent that.


Checking to see if the gutters work well is another crucial step that most people forget when doing their own home inspections. If you choose to work with professionals, this will never happen. We will check to see if the gutters have been neglected and if they are clogged. Cleaning the gutters is a top priority because they can lead to a wet basement, leaks, and many other issues that can easily be avoided by hiring a professional exterior inspector.

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