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Are you wondering if getting heating/cooling inspections is worth it? The answer is yes. Just imagine what it would be like to go through winter with a malfunctioning HVAC system. The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) system is an important component of any home. It ensures that everyone is warm during winter and cooled during the summer. This is why hiring a Home inspector that can verify the HVAC system and all the features it incorporates is essential when buying a new home.

Choosing to work with a professional heating/cooling inspector in Chandler, Arizona, will ensure that every part of the system is cleaned and in good repair. This will eliminate any safety hazards and improve the performance of the HVAC system. Our home inspector technicians specialize in home appliances, and you can always rely on their expertise when looking to buy a new home. Here are some of the major things we look out for when performing a thorough heating/cooling inspection:

Safety and Performance

Since we are talking about a system that features multiple moving parts, safety is always a top priority. While most HVAC systems use electricity to provide warmth or cool air, some are gas-powered and use a combustion system. Our main goal when performing a heating/cooling inspection is to check for safety concerns. Doing this will improve the device’s performance and lower the chance of dealing with any potential hazards. Our heating/cooling inspector will check the performance of the HVAC system to ensure that it runs well and that it doesn’t present any issues. You can trust that our report will include everything you need to know about the home you are planning to purchase.


As you can imagine, the moving parts and electrical system of the HVAC will get dirty over time. Weather and wear will also impact the system, which can lead to a potential hazard if not checked regularly. Here is where our expert heating/cooling inspector comes in. The technician will verify every single component of the system while also taking a proper look at the vents/flues that it uses. Another important thing that you will be notified about is if there are any parts that need to be replaced. We will leave no stone unturned. Our complete home inspection report will give you the peace of mind that you desire.

Heating and Cooling Efficiency

There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with a malfunctioning A/C system during the hot summer days. Luckily, you can prevent this with a simple phone call at (480) 680-9320, where you can book our heating/cooling inspection. If the HVAC system is not installed properly or in a damaged state, we will identify the problems and provide you with a quick solution to fix them. One of the most significant benefits that you will notice after fixing the HVAC system is that the monthly utility bill will be lower. This is because the efficiency of the system will be improved, and it will no longer consume excess energy.

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