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If you are the happy owner of a newly built home in Chandler, you must be well acquainted with the home warranty system. Builders offer this one-year warranty in order to take accountability for any future repairs that are directly caused by their workmanship. Therefore, it is important to be up to date with the state of your home. You need to be ready to point out any mistakes they made so that they can fix them accordingly. This is where we come in. Our highly-trained home inspectors in Chandler, Arizona, are well acquainted with all the stipulations of a home warranty and will be able to help you get the best deal possible at the end of the year.

Our company covers all types of home inspection services and will give you a complete assessment of your home. From the moment they step foot into your house, our home inspector will be able to see what needs further attention. Not only that, but they will be able to offer you a list of priorities based on costs, future damage, and the quality of your time in the house. Safety hazards can be easy to miss to the untrained eye, which is why we highly recommend booking our home warranty inspection service. Your professional home inspector will make sure to tell you everything that you need to know about the state of your home.

Why Do You Need a Home Warranty Inspection?

Even though there are repairs that can be seen with the naked eye by anyone, an experienced home inspector can notice the little details that can become big problems in the future. We are dedicated professionals that will check every corner in your house and create a thorough report on what needs fixing. You can even talk in-depth about each repair with our team so that you can get the best bang for your buck when talking with your builders. 

We aim to create a stress-free experience for all of our clients. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that with our complete home warranty inspection, your builders will have no way of tricking you. When you compare the cost of a professional home inspection with the potential costs of later repairs, the answer is obvious. Put your trust in our professionals to save you from colossal repairing costs by scheduling your evaluation now! We are available 24/7, so do not hesitate to give us a call at 480-680-9320.

What Do We Search for When Evaluating Your Home?

A dependable home inspection company will always take a look over your home warranty before making their analysis. Even though most builders include things like the electrical system, plumbing system, and structural integrity in their warranties, other items on the list can vary. For instance, your one-year home warranty might include major appliances as well, such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and dryer vents. In case your new home also includes a fireplace, a pool, or a deck, other additional warranties might apply.

What is certain is that our home inspectors are experts in their field that hold a vast amount of evaluation expertise. Whether you only need the basic home inspection package or want your home analyzed from top to bottom, we are here to deliver on your expectations. From heating and lighting to roofing and drainage, your home inspector will assess the state of your home and provide you with a full report to show your builders. We will be able to see the major future problems hidden in your walls, windows, doors, and ceilings. Be certain that you get the full benefits of your home warranty and book our services now!

When Should You Schedule a Home Warranty Inspection?

This is a very important question to ask yourself as a new homeowner since many people find their home warranty has expired before they could do anything. Even though we understand that the first year in a new home flies by, losing your home warranty is quite literally a big loss of money as well. This is a scenario that you must avoid at all costs, which is why we recommend scheduling a home warranty inspection at least one month before the one-year mark. If you do so, your home inspector will have the necessary time to create a thorough report, and you can present it in time to your builders. That one-month period will help you take care of any necessary repairs that are covered by the warranty.

Is a Home Warranty Inspection Worth It?

In most cases, the costs of a home warranty inspection are much lower compared to the costs of future repairs. Calling in a professional home inspector is truly the best option because they know what they are doing. All of our experienced employees are aware of the ins and outs of home warranties and the dire consequences of issues that seem small in the present. With our team’s help, you will be able to avoid major repair budgets in the future and enjoy your home like it is brand new. A home warranty inspection report will keep your builders accountable for their mistakes and help you reap all the benefits.

More often than not, new homeowners can get into arguments with their builders over what’s considered their fault or not. Their purpose is to cut down their costs, so the builders will try to convince you to do the least repairs possible. However, when you have an official home warranty inspection report in hand, they will not be able to deny your requirements. Our company will arm you with the necessary knowledge to confront your builders’ mistakes, and we will make sure you get what is rightfully yours. Do not hesitate to ask your home inspector questions so that you can be fully prepared to face your builders. You can even get in contact with us to learn more about our home warranty inspection. Schedule your appointment now and let go of any warranty-related worries!

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