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Nowadays, more people are choosing to purchase modular homes instead of regular site-built homes. There are many reasons behind this, but the most important one is that modular homes are quite affordable. What’s great about modular homes is that even though they are priced cheaper than typical homes, they still offer the same level of comfort and convenience. However, this doesn’t mean that when buying a modular home, you should skip the inspection. Quite the opposite and we will show you why.

Custom Built Homes

The one thing that you need to keep in mind when looking for a modular home to purchase is that they are custom built. Modular homes are manufactured in a controlled factory setting according to the buyer’s preferences. If you are buying something that has already been built, you will need a professional home inspector to check the blueprint and the actual on-site location. In case you ordered a modular home, it’s best to inspect it during the construction process. A trained Chandler home inspector knows how to verify if everything is running according to plan or if there are any issues that you need to be informed about.

If you are not familiar with construction sites, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to do the installation inspection for you. Inspecting this stage of the building process is critical. We will ensure that everything goes smooth when the home is installed and hooked up to water, power, and sewer. It’s also important to check with the local authorities. If there is an aspect of the modular home that doesn’t fit the criteria, you can modify it before it gets installed. Spending a couple of extra dollars during the installation process is always worth it because it can save you so much more.

Permits and Inspections

When ordering a modular home, the first step is always submitting the blueprints for inspection and approval. Here is where working with a team of professionals will pay off the most. We specialize in all kinds of home inspections, and thanks to our experience, we know how to guide our clients in the right direction. Did you know that many municipal building departments have separate permits and inspections for all phases of the construction process?

A different team will inspect the construction when the foundation is being laid out, and another one will come to check the HVAC installation, and so on. The benefits of working with a professional home inspector will pay off because you will not only be informed of how the construction process is going, but you will receive the peace of mind that everything is being built the right way. Our home inspector will not let any flaw slip so that it can surprise you in ten years and cost a small fortune to repair.

In fact, companies that manufacture modular homes are advising customers to carry regular inspections during the construction process. They want customers to be sure that the home they are ordering meets all their criteria. No one wants to install the modular home on their land only to find out that there are faults and damages. Fortunately, this is all can be avoided by hiring professional modular home inspections.

Factory Inspections

As previously mentioned, companies are advising customers to pay visits to the factory to check on the construction of their modular homes. If you don’t have time to do this or don’t know where to look for faults and flaws, we are here for you. Our Chandler home inspection service is designed to inspect every inch of the house. Starting with the foundation and ending with the roof, you can rest assured knowing that we will check everything. While modular homes are not site-built, they look similar to site-built homes, go through the same building process, and require a thorough inspection.

The first thing that you need to check for when conducting factory inspections is that each stage of the building process is finished without a single problem. Every nail and screw need to be in the right place because otherwise, the modular home will not be able to sustain adverse weather conditions. The roofing, plumbing, framing, and insulation also need to be regularly inspected. You don’t want anything wrong to happen here because otherwise, you will end paying for expensive repairs. As you can imagine, repairing modular homes is trickier than regular ones. This is why it also costs more.

Power, Water, and Sewer Systems

Even though a modular home is factory build and then assembled on-site, you still have to get the same building permits as you would for a regular house. This means that you are required to get inspections that check for the hookups to public wells and private distribution systems. That’s not all. The home inspector also needs to check for a safe connection line to the utility service pole.

The permits are issued by the state health department and filed by the contractor before beginning to build the home. What we can do to help is conduct all the on-site inspections. It’s critical to ensure that the land you bought has access to power, water, and a sewer system. Otherwise, you will need to spend lots of time and money in getting these essential services brought to you.

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