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What better way to cool off during a hot summer day than to jump into the pool? It should come as no surprise, but most people who are looking to buy a new house want to make sure that it has a pool. This is why we have added pool and spa inspections to the list of our Chandler home inspection services. Whether you already have a pool of your own or want to buy a home that has one, hiring pool and spa inspections is the best way to save time and a fortune in repairs that can be avoided in the first place.

Everyone can agree that swimming pools and spas are relaxing and fun. What most people don’t know, though, is that pools and spas require quite a lot of maintenance work which includes more than simply cleaning the water. You also need to invest in a filter, skimmer, heater, and many other tools. By choosing to hire our professional Chandler home inspection service, you are making sure that the home you are buying has a good functioning pool and spa.

What Does a Pool Inspection Include?

If you never owned a pool, you might think that performing a thorough inspection is all about checking the filters and the water quality. There’s more to this if you want to ensure that the pool doesn’t present any potential hazards. Our trained inspectors will inspect everything that the pool contains. They will start with the equipment, electrical supply, and end with all safety issues that can be caused by the pool and deck. Below you can find a quick rundown of the areas that our inspectors will check:

  • Safety Equipment

We put a high price on the safety of our clients, and this is why we make it a high priority to check the safety equipment of the pool and spa. Considering that pools and spas have electrical components that help with maintenance, it’s essential to check for any issues or problems. The specialized home inspector will verify that the safety equipment of the pool and spa is in good working condition and inform you ASAP if any electrical part needs repairs. On the topic of safety equipment, we also want to mention that the stairs and other points of egress will be closely inspected.

  • Operational Equipment

While it might be easy to determine if the stairs or the water quality are in good condition, you will need help from an expert to verify the operation equipment. We are talking about valves, filters, pumps, motors, and heating systems that are there to ensure the pool and spa is working well. Inspecting the operation equipment is always a great idea because even if our inspector doesn’t find any potential damages, you will receive a professional opinion on how much longer you can expect the equipment to last.

  • The Pool Deck

Since security is our main concern when conducting pool and spa inspections, we also pay attention to the surrounding area, which includes the pool deck. Our report will contain a complete assessment of the pool and spa situation. You will be informed if the home you are planning to buy (or already own) is compliant with safety regulations or if you need to make any changes. When inspecting the surrounding area, we will focus on fencing, gates, screen enclosure, and also proximity to electrical outlets.

Is a Pool and Spa Inspection Worth It?

Having a pool or spa will make the hot summer days more fun, and there is no doubt about that! A pool or spa will increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers. However, we can’t deny that if the pool or spa doesn’t receive the proper inspection they require, this can lead to serious damages that cost a fortune to be repaired. By choosing to hire our Chandler home inspection service, you are doing much more than hiring somebody who will check to see if the house is safe. You are saving money in the long run because the inspector will verify every inch of the home and provide you with a detailed report that includes possible repair costs.

In fact, we advise our clients to hire annual pool or spa maintenance. Proper maintenance is essential if you are a pool or spa owner because otherwise, you will have to deal with expensive repairs. That’s not all. The pool or spa will not look good it doesn’t receive the best maintenance. Here is where our professional Chandler home inspectors come in to lend a helping hand. By choosing to work with us, you are ensuring that your pool or spa is always in top condition and that your family is safe. The report that we will provide covers every little detail you need to know about possible issues and if the maintenance work is done the right way.

Complete Report

If you are planning to buy a new home with a pool and/or spa, we believe that hiring a home inspector is essential. You can use the complete report to determine how many repairs you have to do. That’s not all. The report is also useful to negotiate on the price because you can show the seller that you will have repairs to make or if the possible repairs are too expensive, you can always walk away from the deal.

The detailed report will feature a summary of what our home inspector found when conducting a thorough analysis of the pool and spa. The report will also focus on what aspects can be improved and if any areas require your attention as soon as possible. For example, the water filter or heater might not be working well. You will be informed that you need to either repair or replace it with one that is in better condition.

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