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If you are planning to sell your house, you definitely want to get a good price and a quick sale. You can achieve this goal with ease if you use our Chandler pre-sale home inspection services. Our team is made up of experienced home inspectors that will make an informed assessment of your home’s condition in just a few hours. Depending on the size and features available in your home, we will be able to create a personalized report that will let you know the current state of the house. This will help you decide on the pricing of your home, have leverage in the negotiation process, and have an overall better relationship with the buyer.

From the customary electrical, structural, roofing, and plumbing evaluations to additional items such as pool/spas and landscape irrigation, we cover all types of inspection services. You can put your complete trust in us to correctly assess the state of each feature of your house, as well as to offer you advice on what needs fixing. You can talk in-depth with your inspector about the details of the report and ask for their opinion on the priority of repairs. Our knowledgeable staff is at your service to help you through the selling process and help you acquire the best deal possible.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Sale Inspection as a Home Seller?

Are you wondering why you would need a pre-sale home inspection if the buyer will probably make their own home inspection? Well, it’s honestly a straightforward answer. You will have full control over the whole selling process, from the moment you consult with your realtor to the moment you decide on a final price. After our thorough inspection, you will have the full picture on the condition of your home and any additional repairs you might need to make. Whether you decide to cover the repairs yourself or you drive the price down so that the buyer is in charge, you are sure to make a faster sale. Having all cards on the table will speed up the negotiation process and help you get your money as soon as possible.

Another big advantage of making a pre-sale inspection on your home is to offer confidence to the buyer that you can be trusted. Not many houses in the real estate market come with this report, which is why your listing will stand out, and buyers will be more eager to make a call. An openly disclosed inspection report will assure your buyer that they are dealing with a serious seller that cares about their experience and wants to arrive at a win-win situation for everyone involved. Even though it’s customary that a buyer makes a pre-purchase home inspection, you can surprise and impress the future homeowner with your honesty. Book our pre-sale home inspection service now, and our experts will make sure your buyers know the true state of the home!

What Are The Benefits of a Home Inspection For a Real Estate Agent?

In case you are a real estate agent looking to partner up with a reliable home inspector in Chandler, Arizona, you have come to the right place. Our expert team has a lot of experience with pre-sale inspections and will be able to offer the seller the peace of mind that they crave. Especially if this is the first time selling a house, there’s a high chance that your client is under a lot of stress about the condition of their home and the negotiation process. Suggesting to them a pre-sale inspection could be the perfect solution to help them with this anxiety. Not only that, but with a full home inspection report in your hands, you will be able to give them advice on the best pricing strategy.

If you encourage your clients to book our Chandler pre-sale home inspection services, you will get to use the report as a selling point in your listing. Then, you can use your knowledge and experience selling homes to attract more buyers and openly discuss any issues that need fixing. Honesty is at the base of any good seller-buyer relationship, and you are there to be the mediator that creates the best situation possible for your client. Let us help you make better and faster sales through our professional home inspection services. Contact us now at 480-680-9320 to find out more about our company and discuss a long-term partnership with our customer support team!

What Do We Look for?

As we have previously mentioned, our dependable home inspectors have the necessary know-how to make all types of home-related inspections. Our employees receive professional training on all types of evaluations, so you can rest assured your inspector will be ready to tackle any part of your house. From the basement to the attic, and the pool to the roofing, our company is ready to offer you a detailed analysis of your house. Our number one goal is to help you understand each aspect of your house better and give you professional advice on future repairs. Our methods are non-invasive, and the inspection can be done in just a couple of hours, depending on the utilities in your home. 

A standard pre-sale home inspection report includes thorough evaluations on the following:

However, our team is at your disposal to create a customized home inspection plan for your home’s specific needs. Give us a call at 480-680-9320, and we will be happy to discuss all of your requirements. Whether you are a seller or a real estate agent, do not hesitate to book our services for a complete assessment of the house in your care. Our company is ready to help make your home selling process a breeze!

Is a Pre-Sale Home Inspection Worth It?

Even though you are not the one that will be living in the home from now on, the pre-sale inspection can have a lot of benefits for you as a seller as well. It offers you detailed knowledge about your house, helps you assess the best price for your listing, and even prevents future disagreements with the buyer. Get ahead of the potential negotiation requests from the buyer’s agent and solve any issues your house might have now!

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